Harder please sir

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Hey there,

Sorry for the late reply Sir and I haven’t been attending the blog lately (But i’m back!).

It does sometimes, in the same vein that kids can stop parents from doing many thing just by their presence. 

Having twins means that we can be extremely tired and simply not want to engage in sexual activity. Other than that sometimes they want to sleep in the bed.

But like most parents, we have grandparents that are willing to have them sleep over regularly so we just make the most of our time when they are away.

Other than that we just have had to tone down our volume and keep it confined to the bedroom :)

For me the best bit is the energy that Sir has when he is taking control and the both of us are allowed to let our basic instincts take control (Power and pleasing) The way he looks at me when I obey, is like I am the most beautiful thing he has ever seen and he would like to eat me up.

Taking the other role?……..

I have thought about it but its just not in our natures to act like that. I don’t find pleasure in topping and neither Sir in being subbed. So its never really been an option.

Hope this answers your questions :)

From Sub xxx